Wednesday 30 July 2014

New Book on the Way (so's Christmas...)

"Work is the curse of the writing classes," as Karl, the unfunny Marx Brother, probably never said.

Happenstance and a big blue aeroplane have conspired together to find me working in Abu Dhabi, hence the infrequence of posts on what was already a fairly thinly populated blog. That said, I'm just coming to the end of a wonderful 2-week holiday at our home in France and have managed to make good progress on my ghost story, Bomber Boys, which is set around a disused airfield in Lincolnshire. All being well, I hope to have finished it before too long.

As I'd hoped, The Manhattan Deception is selling steadily in the USA, so all I need now is to reach a point where it starts to go viral on the interweb. Sadly, until it does, it's back to the day job as toad under the harrow in residence.