The Manhattan Deception

Strike a deal with the Devil or send one million men to their deaths?

This is the choice facing Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill in March 1945. The Manhattan Project is behind schedule and will not produce the A-Bomb until 1947. Without it, the Allied invasion of mainland Japan will become a bloody reality.

Two German scientists, the only men whose knowledge can deliver the doomsday weapon, are in Berlin and about to fall into the hands of the advancing Soviet armies. In their desperation, the Allied leaders agree to pay a terrible price. Their Faustian pact returns from the ashes to haunt the career of present-day US Presidential candidate, Eric Pauli.

Someone, maybe Pauli himself, knows the awful truth and is willing to kill in order to ensure it never sees the light of day.</blockquote>

I completed The Manhattan Deception in 2010. After having written two financial thrillers, The Minerva System and Death to Bankers, I thought I'd try a different approach by writing something that would appeal to an American audience too. Researching this book was great fun and I learned an awful lot about the Manhattan Project and the political environment in 1940s and 50s America in the process. I also started delving in to the physics of nuclear fission and the complexity of refining weapons-grade material. In hindsight I was lucky not to end up with black helicopters hovering over the house and strange clicks every time I picked up the telephone!

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