Thursday 15 August 2013

Review of High Finance by Eli Lederman

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I've just finished reading this highly unusual but entirely compelling book. The action centres round the equity trading floor of a New York investment bank and there's more backstabbing than the Ides of March.

Here's the 5-star review I posted on Amazon

Having worked in the equity trading division of a large American investment bank, for me, High Finance made riveting if uncomfortable reading. The plot teems with egotistical, dysfunctional monsters and if anyone thinks the author has overdrawn them, believe me he hasn't. People like this not only exist, they have a nasty habit of elbowing their way to the corner office. It weaves a saga of underhand office politics, backstabbing and greed, making it a book that's impossible to put down.

For someone who's never had the misfortune to work in trading, don't be put off by the technical jargon: the author explains it in bite-sized, easy to understand pieces and never allows trader-ese to get in the way of a compelling story.

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