Monday 26 August 2013

Something nasty in the Goodreads woodshed

I had a bit of nasty shock yesterday: 3 bad reviews. Not that there's anything wrong with that, bad reviews are part of the writer's lot and, once we get over the urge to napalm the reviewer and their entire extended family, if we're sensible we can learn from them.

This time it was different. Somebody calling themselves 'M Hanley' who joined Goodreads this August has flagged that they've read 3 books - my 3 books to be precise - and has awarded each one a 1-star rating, all 3 ratings being posted within 2 minutes on the same day. No written review, no, 'This book sucks because,' just a series of 1 stars.

A bit of research on Google shows I'm not alone and that in most cases this sort of nastiness comes from other publishing houses in an attempt to nobble the opposition. If that's the case with 'M Hanley' then I suppose I should be flattered. I've contacted Goodreads but am not optimistic that they'll do anything about it.

Edit. Having done a bit more research it seems as though I'm not alone and, considering what others have suffered, I got off pretty likely. There's a whole site dedicated to the problem of cyber bullying on Goodreads here

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